Q & A

Can I wire money to a third party?


What are the requirements on signatures and the recipients when wiring out money?

• Outgoing wires: We can accept the signature from only one joint account holder. However, the money can only be wired to the same names of the joint account holders, and the wire can only go out after we have confirmed, via telephone, that the other account holders consent to the wire.
• Incoming wires: The recipient(s) must be one or all of the account holders.

Can I deposit bank drafts or money orders?

You can deposit bank drafts in the amount larger than US$10,000, and the drafts must be purchased and endorsed by the account holder.

How do I wire money into my brokerage account with Griffinest Asia Securities?

Bank name: The Bank of New York Mellon
ABA number: 021000018
Account name: Pershing LLC
Account number: 890-051238-5
Special instructions: FBO [your account name] and [your account number]
Please make sure your account name and number are filled in the special instructions, otherwise Pershing won’t be able to identify which account the money should go into.

How do I deposit checks into my account?

Please mail the checks to:
Griffinest Asia Securities LLC
Attn: Operations Department
3452 E. Foothill Blvd. Suite 100
Pasadena, CA 91107
Payable: Pershing LLC FBO [your account name]
Please make sure to write your account name and number on the checks, otherwise Pershing won’t be able to identify which account the checks should go into.

How do I withdraw money from the account?

• You can choose to withdraw either via checks or wires. Please fax your withdrawal requirement indicating check payments or money wires.
• Please fill out the “Outgoing Fed Fund Wire Request Instruction” form for withdrawal, sign and fax to us at +1-626-792-3380 or email to: ops@griffinasia.com. The wires will go out immediately after we have checked the accuracy of the instructions.

Can I transfer money to a third party?

• No. In order to protect your account, Griffinest Asia Securities does not allow money to be transferred to a third party. However, the checks you write to a third party is not subject to this restriction.
• Please note that, the recipient of any money transfer must be the account holder. Also, in order to protect our clients, we do not accept money transfer to the POA of the account.

Does Griffinest Asia Securities offer checkbooks?

Yes. Our clients can apply for checkbooks in their accounts. International special delivery charge will apply to delivery addresses outside of USA. There also is a check printing charge.

Can I authorize another person to sign the checks?

Yes. Please include that person as authorized signer on the checking account opening forms, and have that person sign the forms.