Q & A

What kind of investments can I do in my account with Griffinest Asia Securities?

You can buy/sell stocks and ETFs traded on the U.S. exchanges such as NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and OTC. You can also trade stock options or short stocks, as well as invest in U.S. onshore and offshore mutual funds, hedge funds, CDs, government bonds, corporate bonds, etc.
Currently Pershing LLC’s NetXInvestor platform is open for stock and option online trading only. Please call to place orders for other investment products. If you prefer not to trade online, you may also call your financial advisor to place orders.

Can I buy/sell bonds? How do you charge the commissions?

Please refer to our “Commissions & Fees.”

Can I buy non-U.S. stocks in my account with Griffinest Asia Securities?

You can buy stocks listed on more than 50 exchanges in countries worldwide, such as Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK and Canada.

How are commissions charged on non-U.S. stocks?

Please consult your financial advisor, or refer to our “Commissions & Fees.”

Should I prepare different currencies for trading non-U.S. securities?

You must choose to settle the trade on local currency or USD when placing the order. If you choose to settle on local currency, please authorize us to convert the equal amount of USD in your account to the local currency. The exchange rate is based on Pershing LLC’s FX rate.

Is there any custodian charge on the non-U.S. securities in my account?

There is a US$5 charge on each position per month.